Layer visibility feature request

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Layer visibility feature request

Postby tangiblevisual » Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:43 pm

Hi Grant,

I'm looking for a feature which I'm struggling to achieve with the current vis sets / layer sets option.

Scenario: Say I have 5 passes, I have a scene, and I have 5 sets of unique objects. I want to display 1 set at a time only, each pass has it's own set.

The way I'm achieving this now: I put each set into a Layer, i.e. Layer1, Layer2, Layer3 etc. I create a Layer set for each pass, LayerSet1, LayerSet2 etc.

Layerset 1, contains Layer2, Layer3, Layer4, Layer5
Layerset 2, contains Layer1, Layer3, Layer5, Layer5
Layerset 3, contains Layer1, Layer2, Layer4, Layer5

I assign Layerset 1 to Pass1, Layerset2 to Pass2 etc.

I invert the Pass Visibility option for every pass.

Now I can put whatever I like in my Layers and I'm only seeing what I want to for each pass.

So my question is; can we please have a feature that automates this process as much as possible. Although the method above works it is laborious, and much worse if you add a pass then you have to add the new layer to all the Layersets.



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