Submission window loses focus

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Submission window loses focus

Postby JClarke » Mon Mar 25, 2024 2:59 pm

Anyone ever have an issue where the submission dialog loses focus and you can't close it, RPM, or Max anymore? One of our other user's machines it happens fairly regularly. I hadn't seen it on mine till just now, and tried every bit of windows keyboard hotkey tricks I could think of to toggle focus and get the window to close, but I wound up just force killing the process. Max wasn't locked up 'not responding' it was just ... unable to do anything. Holding escape, etc wouldn't do anything. I feel like there was just another hidden window in the way blocking focus somehow, The submission dialog had been left open over the weekend, but nothing could get Max back to actually doing anything. Might dig into some Spy++ or WindowInspector type tools to see if I can figure it out for next time, but thought I'd ask here.

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