Submitting fails after sending once in large scenes

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Submitting fails after sending once in large scenes

Postby tnelson » Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:14 pm


I've had this problem for years now, but not all of my scenes are big enough to trigger the failure. I'm using Max 2014 (I know...) and RPM 6.5.

Basically, I open the Max scene and RPM, and I'm able to submit passes as normal. However, if I try it again, it fails and fails until I close Max and re-open the scene. This only happens in larger Max files, however, disk space is not a problem.

I just opened the SubmitLog.txt after a failed attempt and this is what it says.
Backburner Submission Starting... 20
Connecting to Terry Info 20
05A +5 FL Disabling Vray Render Region for Submission Info 2
05A +5 FL Job name already exists, renaming as '05A +5 FL_01' Info 2
05A +5 FL Pass Submission Starting... Info 2
05A +5 FL Submission Failed, trying again Error 1
Reconnecting to Terry Info5 20
05A +5 FL Secondary Submission Failed Error 1
05A +5 FL Pass Submission Finished Info 7
Finishing... Disconnecting from manager Terry Info 20
Finished Netsubmission completed Done 20

I'm really hoping for a solution, as this creates a huge time suck when working this way. Thanks.

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