Floating License Reconnect

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Floating License Reconnect

Postby JClarke » Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:02 pm

Is there a way to force a reconnect to the floating license manager?

I've noticed for a while that once RPM fails getting a license from the floating USB dongle, it will continue to fail until Max is closed and reopened. There are times when I know all of our licenses are in use, or the remote system connection just goes down for some reason, and of course I don't notice it until RPM says the license isn't available. So someone else closes RPM and I can see the license free up on the License Manager, but I still can't open RPM on my own machine. It will think for a bit to open the RPM UI, and once complete I still get the same License Invalid dialog even though I know there is a license available. A failed license request stays failed and will continue to fail until starting a new session of Max. Reset or gc() doesn't seem to clear anything out to make it work, just a close and reopen and then I get my license fine.

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Re: Floating License Reconnect

Postby admin » Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:33 am


I don't know of any way to have it reload except restarting 3dsmax I'm afraid, I remember it was a bit of a pain when hooking into the 3rd party float licensing all those years ago.


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