Corona 8 : time limit

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Corona 8 : time limit

Postby raistlin » Wed Sep 07, 2022 9:56 am

Hi Grant, I use both Vray and Corona, and I wanted to address the topic of Corona settings in the RPManager window.
How to say, lol... Aren't the settings a mismatch with the contents of the "official" corona window?
For example, the main parameter to manage in corona is time, and it's a bit complicated to understand that a value of 10 000 = 10 seconds.
And especially that it is not possible to do more than 10 000...

Then the choice of the denoising passes ...
I understood well by reading other messages, that the internal parameters to corona do not correspond to those "visible".

But do you think you can do a little something about it?

Thanks a lot for everything you do Grant, it's great

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