Simple tool to prepare pass on editor

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Simple tool to prepare pass on editor

Postby raistlin » Thu Mar 25, 2021 9:40 am

Hi Grant

With Max 2021 i've notice a real up since 2016 and 2020 is forbiden here forever!

As always i'm working on heavy scenes with layer sets, multiple pass, cameras and tons of polygons...
So, when i'm duplicating 40 pass to change the subject, cameras, and all the nomenclatura/ root for pics it's HEAVY and slow.

So, i'm trying to disable some options that's activated on pass activation, but it's not so easy.

And i'm thinking about a .xml that could be write and apply to add pass and root for file on a "merge" option for exemple...

If you think it's too heavy to catch all render options, maybe could we limit the information for an export (with some checkbox on a tool, for exemple if i'm interest only on the render pass/ layer set/ frame/vray rendering root...
And a general option for render presets one time to dupplicate on all pass that should be create (Irrmap/LC/ etc.)

Thx Grant!

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