Heart pulsing edge of your seat action in a high energy tilt based game.

Race against the clock to squash all 10 runners per level, and submit your best time to the internet high scores, or go head to head with your friends with local high scores.

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  • 6 levels with fully 3D environments, PhysX physics.
  • Global high scores to see who is the fastest on the planet.
  • Hard and Easy modes depending on your mood.
  • Choose your squashing weapon from 10 different balls.
  • Tilt sensitivity control - tweak your twitch level.
  • Screen orientation calibration allows play at almost any angle.
  • 14 high score tables to dominate.
  • Listen to your ipod while you are playing

Chase 'n squash the 10 runners as they flee, more fun than anything!*
* within reason, depends on lifestyle:)

Squashem is fun, easy to play, intuitive, and can be a super quick distraction in single level Easy mode, or several minutes of tense high-score chasing with the All Levels Challenge in Hard. From 4 year olds to 70 year olds Squashem has entertained within seconds.

Cinematic Trailer (just for fun) - High Quality Link

Gameplay Trailer - High Quality Link


Current High Scores - Top 10:


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vibrate not available on ipod


iphonetech78 - "4.5 /5"



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