Mr.Elephant & Mr. Mouse.


Mr. Elephant and Mr. Mouse aren’t happy with their names and jump at the chance to swap – but is the grass always greener on the other side?

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Smart Apps for special needs.

This is an outstanding story and well done as an interactive book app. I would gladly pay $2.99 for this well written, high quality book app that children are likely to read over and over.
Everyone is guilty of wanting to change something about themselves or be more like someone else they know. Many kids with special needs can relate to the feeling of not belonging and wanting things to be different. In the app, Mr. Elephant & Mr. Mouse by Jelly Biscuits, children meet two characters who are troubled and feel they don’t quite fit in.  This adorable story tells how Mr. Elephant and Mr. Mouse learn to embrace their unique attributes and ultimately succeed.

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Mr. Elephant & Mr. Mouse is a delightful interactive storybook that hits all the right notes, telling the story of two animals who have names that do not suit them very well at all.

Mr. Elephant & Mr. Mouse is a rare storybook that is perfectly realized, complete with nice character development and interesting back stories as well as fun, stylized, animated moments that reinforce this quirky story.
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Mr. Elephant & Mr. Mouse is an adorable digital storybook app filled with great illustrations and animations.  This unique story about two complete opposite characters can be enjoyed by children of all ages and will likely be read over and over again. While some of the best storybook apps can’t boast a great storyline, but features fun illustrations, Mr. Elephant & Mr. Mouse offers both perfect storyline and high quality animations.

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Mr. Elephant & Mr. Mouse is a delightful storybook app with great illustrations and animations that children are going to love.  This unique story is one children and parents will fall in love with and will likely read over and over again.

Some of the best storybook apps not only have a great storyline, but also fun illustrations and animations to help children stay engaged. Mr. Elephant & Mr. Mouse has all of that in addition to the great sound effects, text highlighting, and narration options throughout. As children enjoy this cute story, they can also interact with each scene to see some of the images come to life. Overall the developers have done a great job creating a high quality, fun app that children are going to love.

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Mr. Elephant & Mr. Mouse… is a quirky story that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

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