MyEye is an interactive eye for the iphone and ipod touch.

Poke it, roll it, color it, roll it, ask it curly questions or just put it to sleep, the myEye offers a unique entertainment experience. Left to its own devices the myEye will have a good look around, checking out its surroundings (and you, of course).

Touch the screen and the eye will watch your finger as you tap/slide it around - but there's much more to myEye that just that.


Control the skin, subsurface, white, pupil, and iris (inner/outer) colors to put the 'my' into 'myEye'. Or try the random coloring option and see what wierd can mean. Tap the top right corner and a small color wheel appears - tap again to enable the color editing mode.


Whether in an important business meeting, deciding whether to take the blue one or the red one, or just whether to sleep that extra hour on your lunchbreak - myEye can take the stress out of the otherwise harrowing decision making process. As a bonus - if things don't work out you can always say the eye made you do it (no responsibility accepted, but it can't say much about it, can it).

Touch the eye with four fingers and hold, then form the question in your mind as the eye closes. When ready release and the eye will provide the answer you have been looking for.

Note: Most consistent is to touch the 4 fingers of one hand, gently dragged down over the eye. Has been updated for 1.01 to be either 3 OR 4 fingers, rather than just 4.


Tapping on the eyeball will cause myEye to blink away the irritation - much the same as if you tap your own eyeball (don't try this at home). Try tapping rapidly and see how much myEye likes it...


Ever wondered what is on the back of your eyeball? Slide your finger across the eyeball and release to send it
spinning on its way. (a fast but smooth movement is best).


A good shake mixes things up a little.


Two fingers used at a time allow you to put myEye to sleep, or just make it a little dozy - slide your fingers
together to control the level of drowsyness.


MyEye will rotate either portrait or landscape, up down left or right - try rotating it while editing the colors
(nifty, no?).

Tested on 3 year olds and older, it is sure to bring a twinkle to the eye!



If myEye has problems running after installation, reboot your device. Seems to be a few apps recommend this, and it has solved at least one customers issue with myEye.



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