Music Box Composer 2.2 for mobile available

Available now on iTunes and Google Play - 2.2 brings MIDI export, PDF export for print-ready strips, alternative 30 note strip layout, and a streamlined piano-based workflow with auto-advance option and step forward/back keys. This brings the feature set of both the iOS and Android versions up to the standalone version.


MIDI export coming to Music Box Composer

The next update of Music Box Composer will bring MIDI file export to both mobile and the desktop versions of MBC - in addition to auto advance when entering via the Piano strip, improved PDF export, and the optional 30 note key mapping for mobile (desktop versions have this option already). Should be released in a few days for Desktop, ...


Music Box Composer 2.1 now available

Version 2.1, with a new Piano Mode for both feedback while creating and modifying notes, as well as note editing by piano key, is now available on both iOS and Android.


Slice of Bread goes to the Beach on Android

Slice of bread is (finally!) available on Android. Google Play Link